Guiding Principles


The School aims at

  • Bringing joy in the children’s hearts and smile on parents’ faces.
  • Creating knowledgeable leaders who have the ability to take their own decisions and rise with the community.
  • Providing all students with the tools and strategies to learn and succeed in the global society.
  • Inspiring, challenging, preparing through a creative, fun curriculum and extended activities, which promote success for all.
  • Creating a learner-centered, collaborative, connected and dynamic community of support, who continually strive to be flexible, inclusive and personal in approach to education.


  • Our Mission is to provide all students with quality education, including effective communication, critical thinking and relationship building skills.
  • Help each child to be the best they can be.
  • Take risks and challenge with excited learning.
  • Learn to be honest and respect each other and our world around us.
  • High- quality students’ leadership opportunities including exposure to leaders, innovators and iconic personalities from all walks of life.