About Us

The Venus Foundation

Venus Matriculation School was started by P.Chinnappa Gounder Educational Trust in the year 2007, in Karur, which led to the initiation of Joy in the young minds into the world of learning. That solemn occasion fired the Trust’s imagination motivated it to start “a school with a difference” now – “Venus Global Campus”, a contemporary setup is functioning at a place of unparalleled eco-friendly campus. Here, the faculty and the students work and learn together keeping in tune with the school motto “Play, Learn, discover and Grow”.

Creativity and innovation are encouraged. The capacity for problem solving is the yardstick of intelligence and hence our students are enabled to solve problems by themselves. Science and communication technology are making rapid strides and the school offers computer education to cope up with the current standard.

Students will be helped to develop an innovative intelligence that will shape his/her total personality.

Our Chairman has further dreams for the school which is taking shape rapidly. It is hoped that our innovative approach will help to change the face of the present system of education and mould the school as an institute of the students, by the students and for the students.

Our School

Imparting excellent education to meet the global standard.

  • Bringing about a holistic development of the child, giving due weightage to all the innate potential in him/her.
  • Inculcating ideal values and virtues in children and enabling them to have noble social thinking and ways of life.
  • Promoting character formation and humanitarian outlook.
  • Developing awareness of love, co-operation, independence, self-reliance and commitment to the poor and the needy.
  • Equipping the child to be at par with his commitments to the society of his moral, ethical and integral values.


VGC is a co-education institution offering CBSE curriculum along with an array of Scholastic, Co-Scholastic and Extra-Curricular Activities. The School is also well known for offering inclusive education.